Our Team


2I have been in business since 2009. Along with former associates, we first created SouriaVélo, an environment- friendly children’s bicycle that helped kids 3 to 6 years old with balance. Go to: www.souria.ca During the same period, cameraman, photographer and producer Éric Filiatrault, who originated the maple floss project, along with Patrick Poliquin, teacher and researcher, pitched the idea. In April 2012, Produits Souria Inc. inaugurated a new division – Maple Floss.



The development of the Maple Floss product is welcome in my life. For the past 10 years, I have taught primary school, and recently, I felt I needed a new challenge. Research convinced me of the massive potential of Maple Floss. Our sales and the hugely positive reaction of customers confirmed this. I believe natural foods are best, so I am pleased to sell a 100% pure organic maple product!

Along with my friends Éric Filiatrault, originator of Maple Floss, and Martin Dessureault, I am working hard on researching new events to expand the public exposure of our delicious product.


3Éric Filiatrault, a video producer, originated maple floss and asked Produits Souria Inc. to bring it to market as an accessible, popular, product – a different way to enjoy the universally-loved maple flavour. The result – Maple Floss – is just that! A new pure, sweet product, which has, and will delight consumers by its taste, fragrance, flavour, etc. Moreover, as our researcher and friend Patrick Poliquin found this maple product contains beneficial antioxidants. This is why we say that Maple Floss is the sweet beyond reproach.