Sweet and Simple Maple Floss

The Healthy Cotton Candy

5Nearly everyone loves the taste of cotton candy. It’s the food of the summer. Eating it reminds one of hot summer days at the circus, or riding the Ferris wheel and playing games.
People love a summertime treat. They love to feel the sugar melt on their tongues as the sun beats down. It’s also a big favourite with kids. No child can resists a treat made of dyed sugar spun into airy floss and handed to them on a cone.

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The problem is
that a cane sugar treat like the cotton candy we’ve been eating, is not great for adults or for kids. It has no dietary value. The stuff is just cane sugar chemically dyed funky colors. Most parents, when buying cotton candy for their kids, will feel a tinge of guilt and think of dentist bills to come. What they truly need is a healthier alternative, a healthy cotton candy

[column size=”1-2″ last=”1″ style=”0″]Pure maple extracts are well known to have many benefits. Pure maple products can boost the immune system, sooth the stomach and may even fight the aging process. They are high in polyphenols. These are plant compounds that work in humans as antioxidants. So these products may help calm inflammatory disorders in digestion or in some types of arthritis. Pure maple products are also high in many minerals like zinc that help boost the immune system.

Now, imagine that there was a candy made out of this wonderful substance. There is actually such a thing. Healthy maple floss candy is made of pure organic maple sugar. Nothing is added. There is no chemical colouring. Instead, the delicate champagne color is natural. It is nut-free, contains no allergens and is a source of strong antioxidants. Maple Floss has an alluring delicious fragrance, intriguing anyone who gets a whiff. Seniors, adults or children, everyone wants to try it! This is one healthy snack everybody will remember!