Healthy Cotton Candy – The Better Tasty Alternative

When you attend community gatherings, festivals or the circus you will probably indulge yourself and buy cotton candy. You don’t do this often because you believe it is bad for you. However, there is a now a new healthy cotton candy available in Ottawa-Gatineau that provides you with a great alternative for your sweet tooth. This new type of healthy cotton candy – we call it Maple Floss – is a unique type of treat that gives you great taste and less harm to your health.

Maple Floss uses only natural sugar extracted from Canadian maples to bring you the best alternative to enjoy your yummy candy on a stick.
Although it is not actually cotton candy because the ingredients used are different, Maple Floss looks exactly like regular cotton candy. However, even with a similar look, the color is always different. Traditional cotton candy, made of cane sugar, is usually dyed pink or blue using chemicals, whereas Maple Floss is its natural champagne colour. One of the largest benefits of consuming this new type of healthy cotton candy is that is has no allergens. Furthermore, Maple Floss contains natural antioxidants which are not found in traditional cotton candy. Maple Floss is certified by ECOCERT as completely natural, with no additives.

It’s worth taking the time to try out the healthy cotton candy that is Maple Floss because it tastes so delicious and provides health benefits. Growing rapidly, Maple Floss will become the new treat that will take over the cotton candy industry. If you find yourself at a fair, a festival or any other gathering and notice a Maple Floss kiosk, don’t hesitate to follow the fragrance in the air and give it a taste. You won’t regret it.