Maple Floss Candy

Maple Syrup CandyIt looks like cotton candy but is not. It is called Maple Floss and it is made of 100% pure organic maple sugar. Maple Floss is ECOCERT certified.

Naturally champagne-coloured, the organic maple sugar contains no added chemicals and no dyes. It is a pure product that has no allergens.

It is a healthy product, containing antioxidants. The natural fragrance of maple floss is powerful. It turns heads and draws people to our kiosk.

Healthy Cotton Candy

Maple Floss

Our maple floss candy has been widely tested at many public events. More than 13,000 people have tasted it. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Many judged it as “the best thing they have eaten in their lives“.

Products and Services

At this time, we offer only our Maple Floss. We sell the product at fairs, festivals and other public events. The Maple Floss team is also available to participate in private parties and affairs.