A bit of history

(Photo : Sebastien Lavallee)
The idea comes from my friend Eric. In 1992, Eric was working on a project of production and publicity realization of cars. There was a cotton candy machine on site. Curious, he began to play with the ingredients. It was at this moment that Eric had the idea of maple floss.

” This sugar offering colour, perfume and artificial flavour are harmful to your health. Why not create a true product without artifice? Why not replace this traditional cotton candy sugar by a 100% maple sugar. “

Our UNIQUE Maple Floss has been widely tested many times. More than 90 000 people have tasted it. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive. They love the unique taste of maple!

The natural perfume, which comes out of maple sugar during processing, has the effect of attracting people. The almost unanimous reaction of people is never to have tasted something so good in their lives.

UNIQUE Maple Floss is for all generations, also the product is not seasonal it can be consumed throughout the year.


North American Indians were the first to transform maple ”water” to syrup!

In the spring, using stone tools, they scored a ”v” in the bark of maples and pushed in wooden pegs, which allowed the sap to flow into birch bark containers. To make syrup, they boiled the sap in clay containers, heated by stones made red-hot in fires. French settlers soon learned the native way to tap the maple trees. Later they improved the technique by drilling holes through the bark and inserting wooden spouts through which the sap ran into pails fixed to the tree. The sap was then boiled in large iron cauldrons. The natives soon replaced their clay pots for metal ones brought by the settlers.

At the time, most of the syrup was used to make maple sugar which was called ”sucre du pays.” It became the best and most economical source of sugar in the 17th, 18th, and most of the 19th centuries in Québec.

Our team



I have been in business since 2009. Along with former associates, we first created SouriaVélo, an environment- friendly children’s learning bike that helped kids from 3 to 6 years old with balance. Have a look to the SouriaVélo: www.souria.ca

During the same period, both of my friends, Éric (cameraman, photographer and producer, who originated the Maple Floss project) and Patrick (production director & researcher) pitched the idea and it’s only in April 2012 that Souria Products Inc. inaugurated its brand new Maple Flossdivision.

In August 2014, we finally put on the market, our new craft production Maple Floss container and since then, we’ve invested time and money to develop our transition towards an industrial.

Up to this day, over 150,000 people as discovered and loved our delicious product.

Maple Floss, a natural confectionery made from 100% pure organic maple sugar ECOCERT certified.



Development of the Maple Floss product is welcome in my life. Research convinced me of its massive potential. In stores and through out our different events, our sales and the hugely positive reaction of customers confirmed this.
I believe natural foods are best, so I am pleased to sell a 100% pure organic maple product!

With my friend Éric, video producer and photographer, the one who thought about the Maple Floss project, and my friend Martin, we’ve organized different public and private events through out the year.
Maple Floss is for me a real success product!



Éric Filiatrault, a video producer, originated Maple Floss and asked Souria Products Inc. to bring it to market as an accessible, popular, product – a different way to enjoy the universally loved maple flavour. The result – Maple Floss – is just that! A new pure, sweet product, which has, and will delight consumers by its taste, fragrance, flavour, etc. Moreover, as our researcher and friend Patrick Poliquin found this maple product contains beneficial antioxidants. Therefore we say that Maple Floss is the sweet beyond reproach.